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Ready For Business Awards 2013
Winner. Best B2B
Start-Up South west
Your brand and products, brought to life on the ipad.
We take your current print or PDF brochure and make it come to life. We do this by building interactivity such as video, audio, image galleries, animation, creative interactive features, Social Media sharing, e-commerce links to your website, tracking, all from the content you are already using in print or on your website...
Digital interactive content for your business.
Content on ipads isn’t just confined to brochures. If you're not looking for an interactive brochure, but want to engage your tablet customers, think; Interactive catalogue, Interactive sales presentations, Interactive Information pack, Interactive product guide, Interactive manual, Interactive guide, the options are endless. Whatever you need to say, we can make it work on iPad.
An addictive digital experience
Your customers won’t want to put it down. They can mix and match their ideal outfit, take a full tour of a car or plan their ideal interior. With interactive features built into a digital brochure, your customers get closer to your brand.

We see ipads everywhere, be it on a plane, train or the coffee shop and they could be looking at your content. The key lies in mobility and a customer could be sharing your brand with their friends, family and more, wherever they are.
Endless Possibility
By creating bespoke iPad digital brochures, we are constantly using new and unique interactive features to make content truly stand out. Here are just some of the features we have included so far, why not check out our case studies to see them in action.
Engage your customers with video content at full screen.
Enhance your customer experience with ambient sounds, music, sound effects or even product walkthroughs.
Image Galleries
Our iPad brochure for Merlin Glass features a product selector, style choice then a colour option,. This can go as deep as a product requires. Customers can access an overview then explore the product further throughout the buying process.
Interactive Features
In our iPad brochure app for Turquoise Holidays the focus is on choice, customers can explore and access content the way they want to. The interactive world map means you can tap the area you are interested in, then see countries and destinations, or a customer can go via the image base destination guide.
Integrated, connected
Once you have someone interested in your brand, you of course want them to buy something, share information and engage further with your brand. Our digital interactive brochures make it easy for people to do this:

By combining striking design, rich interactivity and core features to keep customers coming back for more, a Tablet Brochure can become an integral part of your mobile marketing strategy.
Direct links to your e-commerce
site so a customer can make a
purchase without leaving the app.
Social media links so
customers can interact, follow and
like everything you do.
Contact us pages take advantage
of built in mail systems, making it easy
for your customers to keep in touch.
Isn’t it time you said yes to mobile?
Contact us today to find out more about the user experience a Tablet Brochure provides.